Fever Share to Pinboard

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With the shutdown of Google Reader, I've been making the switch to Fever as an alternative RSS backend. Fever has some handy sharing features, but doesn't have Pinboard built in. But it's pretty simple to add via Pinboard's API.

First, you will need your Pinboard API token. You can find this at here where it says API Token. It will look something like username:9A999999A99A9, where username is your Pinboard username.

Second, pop over to your Fever install and press the 'p' key for preferences, then click on the 'Sharing' tab. You can then either replace the Delicious entry or create a new key with this Service url:


And remember to replace the 'username:9A999999A99A9' with your real Pinboard user token. This string also adds the tag 'from_fever' which you could also replace with something else. Now whenever you're reading something you want to share to Pinboard, it's just a keystroke away.

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