tubul a static blogging system

All the cool kids are doing it so I thought, why not? I have been happily using WordPress for a couple of years and have no problem with it. However, I like building my own tools and in this case, my own printing press.

There is a growing trend in static systems. Static has many advantages: easy to deploy, low server requirements and working with plain text files.

This post shows the first very early version of Tubul (0.1) with basic functionality in place. At the moment, Tubul can create multiple content types (blog posts, pages and nested pages) and automatically deploy them in relation to the template structure. In the future, tagging will be added. And of course, much refactoring and some error checking - of which there is currently none - so I better not make any mistakes!

To find out more information, the project page is currently located here: Tubul

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