NNWInstaPost makes NetNewsWire and Instapaper play nice together. Think of it like the peanut butter and jelly script.

NNWInstaPost asks you politely for your username and password for Instapaper the first time you run it and it works out all the other technical things, leaving you free to do more RSS reading. NNWInstaPost can then be run from the applescript menu (or via keyboard shortcut) whenever you have a news article or tab selected within NetNewsWire. When NNWInstaPost is finished, it will fire off a trendy little Growl alert for you too.

Installation:Just click on the download icon below and you will get NNWInstaPost. Once you have this, move the file to your scripts directory. You should find this in your home folder path - ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/NetNewsWire or ~/Library/Scripts/Application Support/NetNewsWire/Scripts

If you can't find that folder - fear not! Just create the folders with those names and pop the script in there. You'll now need to double check that you have the scripts menu enabled (it looks like a little scroll in the menu bar). If not, simply fire up AppleScript Utility (in your applications folder) and click on the 'Show Script menu in menu bar' and you're all done.

download NNWInstaPost

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